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Our Journey

Of Rediscovery

After a collarbone injury left me feeling defeated, I found my zest for life anew through walking, cycling, skateboarding, and snowboarding. The Gosmail community, spanning the globe, revolves around stories like mine. Join us, forge new friendships, embrace learning, and open your eyes to a world of possibilities.

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Upgrade your skateboarding experience! Discover our exciting range of Gosmilo electric skateboard accessories.

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Connect And Control

Sync to your board from the FOCSTROT app to personalize your riding experience with the floaty:VESC Stats & Tuning.
Search "floaty:VESC Stats & Tuning" on Google Play or Apple App Store.

Your Story

Ride On The Lsie of Silt On Low Ride Days And Have Done Over 1000 Miles So Far. Although I Have Had A Broken Collarbone From Previous Extreme Sports AndTherefore Wanted To Give Up On Life. I Have Since Been Able To Get Back To LovingLife Through Walking.

“ Great balance of power and ability! Keep on rocking!
Love to you and my dogs! ”

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The box wil include a Gosmil Charger, an 0wner's Manual, and a handle. Any other additional accessories are available for purchase in our eshop.

Gosmilo can support up X1/13.9kgs ,X1+/14.5kgs, T3/ 12.5kg, X3/ 14.9kgs,, X5/ 16.5kgs.

Gosmio can handle bumps and cracks up to 1/2 inch very wel. al youhave to do is paying attention and bending your knees, as your knees act as your suspension.