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Riding with exceptional ability, style, speed and enthusiasm

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Riding with exceptional ability, style, speed and enthusiasm

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gosmilo Gosmilo X3

Exceeded expectations and love the life.
1000W brushless
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gosmilo Gosmilo X5

More power, more enthusiasm.
1500W+ and 50n.m+, it is a turbo. It is a beast.
1500W brushless
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gosmilo Gosmilo T3

More range. Suitable for off-road, countryside.
1500W brushless
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gosmilo Gosmilo X1

Easy ride, easy play. it’s so fun to ride around on.
700W brushless
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gosmilo Gosmilo X1+

Extend the range to 45kms on single charge, more fun.
700W brushless
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Connect and Control

Sync to your board from the FOCSTROT app to personalize your riding experience with VESC Tool.

Search “VESC tool” on Google Play or Apple App Store .

Gosmilo one wheel

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Ride On The lsie Of Silt On Low Ride Days And Have Done Over 1000 Milies So Far.Although I Have Had A Broken Collarbone From Previous Extreme Sports AndTherefore Wanted To Give Up On Life.I Have Since Been Able To Get Back To LovingLife Through Walking, Cy

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