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People love electric scooters for many reasons: They're lightweight, practical, convenient and easy to ride, making them a popular choice for both us. Of course, while being convenient and practical, we hope that our Gosmilo can bring more fun and gameplay. From the shape, we continue to simplify the design, so as to get the current appearance.Gosmilo is a perfect piece of smart engineering and technology combined artfully. It moves and balances based on body movement, pretty amazing! We offer more than just a standard scooter; we provide a world of possibilities. We want our customers to have their own design, choose what their favourite colors and elements for unique design. What’s more we want them keep challenging themselves and find the version suitable for themselves which is exactly why we’ve created different version of trotter

Gosmilo Whether you are looking for an easy-to-ride electric scooter or you prefer a model for yourself with more challenge, you can find one right on our

Gosmilo. Endless fun waiting for you to explore.




More than a transport machine or a toy, it is an eye to discover the fun of the world.

We’re living in an amazing world. There are many funny stories, beautiful places. We help all the people who like to discover to ran through the crowd city and rugged jungle. Innovation and technology provides us a new way to explore the world.

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We’re striving to provide pure joy for every user, your smile from heart, is to we biggest repayment.