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Rider's Club

We Have Created An Online Space Where Gosmilo Members Can Gather To Help All Those Who Like To Explore Through Crowded Cities And Rugged Jungles.

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Create a YouTube video post

Record a video (minimum 3 minutes) of your best moments with Gosmilo and post it publicly on youtube. Any format and subject is welcome! Storytelling, video blogs, even short films ......

We are looking for your unlimited imagination! Please tag our official channel by including "Gosmilo" in the title of your video and include the following hashtags.



Create a photo post

Use your Gosmilo in any creative way to capture your favourite moments in pictures and share them publicly on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest. Think outside the box and capture it your way!

When posting please tag our official Gosmilo account on each channel and include the following hashtags.



the New Experience of Surfing

if you have any requests, you can tell me here.