Collect videos and photos with award

We're looking wonderful show of buyers

Share your story with magwheel after purchase, will have a chance to get the reward!

We will regularly choose high quality video and imagesVideo and image quality for clean, give priority to with magwheel, into their own characteristics, record your moment with magwheel.

Once selected, we will post on our home page, and give a reward of $100! Welcome everyone to participate in activities!


  • The video is recommended to be around 45s
  • The resolution should be higher than 720P and the bit rate should be greater than or equal to 24 frames per second
  • The cover of the video and the first three seconds do not display a black and white screen, logo, or out-of-region contact information, and must be related to the video content
  • The video speed is moderate, the rhythm is relaxed and comfortable, without procrastination
  • Picture size: 1920 x 1080


The following is a detailed list of rewards

  1. Post 3 videos and 9 pictures that meet the requirementsfor 20 USD
  2. Posted videos and images are selected and commandeered for 100 USD