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About product Gosmilo:

  • The box will include a Gosmilo Charger, an Owner's Manual, and a handle. Any other additional accessories are available for purchase in our eshop.
  • Gosmilo can support up X1/13.9kgs , X1+/14.5kgs, T3/ 12.5kg, X3/ 14.9kgs., X5/ 16.5kgs.
  • Gosmilo can handle bumps and cracks up to 1/2 inch very well, all you have to do is paying attention and bending your knees, as your knees act as your suspension.
  • Yes, exactly.
  • Yes, exactly.
  • T1 takes 2~3hours. T2 and T3 takes 3~4hours.
  • We warranty our materials and workmanship. Our commitment is to your satisfaction with our products. In warranty or not, it is the culture of our company to address and resolve all customer issues to everyone's satisfaction.
  • NO, Gosmilo is easy to ride after a little practice. We have different versions to meet your different needs and levels. Everyone can find his/her right Gosmilo.
  • The Gosmilo X series using the FOCSTROT controller which origin from little focer. It has a lot of personalize riding options. It is a real one wheel. The Gosmilo T series is same as the MAGWheel using the original Trotter controller which works more like a one wheel hoverboard.
  • Yes, Gosmilo can tackle almost any terrain like hill, sand, grass, gravel.
  • No. Gosmilo is water-resistant, not waterproof. They can withstand a certain amount of moisture, but we recommend taking extra care when riding in or near the water and completely drying the circuit board before charging to avoid damage.
  • All Gosmilo versions could climb hills up from 20° to 30°.
  • The Gosmilo can reach a top speed of 20-35km/h, 20km/h for the X1/X1+, 28km/h for the X3, 32km/h for the T3 and 35km/h for the X5, but the top speed varies depending on the rider's weight, the terrain, the incline, and the tyre pressure. The pushback feeling will tell you when you have reached the limit of your skateboard. When you start to feel the "push back feeling" you need to lean back and slow down.

About brand Gosmilo:

  • Gosmilo is a motorised and gyroscopic wheel.
  • Gosmilo are designed for people of all ages to improve and increase their personal mobility.
  • Basically, they both are one wheel self balance electric skateboard, but the programming algorithms are different which make the ride feeling much different.

How Gosmilo works:

  • It uses gyros, accelerometers, proprietary algorithms and its direct drive motor pairs with the aforementioned components to determine the board's speed based on a how you lean your body. The further you lean over your front foot or back the faster the One Wheel Trotter will go. Accelerate, turn and decelerate by simply shifting you weight forward - back and left - right.

About playing Gosmilo:

  • The smart electric Scooter takes few minutes on average just to get comfortable, once you relax, you can be fully proficient within 20-30 minutes.
  • Initially, riding the electric skateboard can be strenuous due to your body getting acclimated to standing on the device. Once you relax, you can ride the self banlance electric skateboard for its full range of 25-30km.
  • The Gosmilo self banlance electric skateboard has a very compact footprint, it can easily be used on sidewalks, however check with your local authorities to ensure that it is not illegal to operate your Gosmilo on public sidewalks.
  • The Gosmilo you received is partial charge, we do recommend you charge it 4 hours before first riding.
  • Gosmilo are recommended for riders 14 years of age and older.
  • You could use a damp cloth to wipe the Gosmilo. Keep it dry and clean.

Gosmilo's guarantee:

  • The warranty of board is one year (tire, footpad, led is 3 months).
  • We have the warehouse in Germany and USA. For EU and USA/CA, it will be shipped in 7days and arrive in 15days. The other place will depend on the shipping service.
  • Yes, the users can purchase the Gosmilo parts from our webshop and local distributors.
  • It is known that our competitor not allow the third party parts, but Gosmilo system is open. The users can use or customize the any parts from third party market to replace Gosmilo parts.
  • Yes. Gosmilo Chargers are multi-voltage and will work in any country. According to your delivery address,we will supply a suitable battery charger.
  • a. Make sure your Gosmilo within return period.
    b. Provide the payment voucher of the Gosmilo to the customer service, and submit a return application.
    c. Provide photos and videos that demonstrate that the product has not been used.
    d. Send Gosmilo back to the warehouse or other address provided by customer service by yourself, we will refund the fee after confirming receipt of the goods.
  • a. Provide proof of purchase, warranty card.
    b. provide the video to customer service we will determine the cause of the problem.
    c. If it is a simple problem, we will provide free accessories and maintenance videos, you can repair it yourself. If not you can return Gosmilo to the designated location and we will take care of the repair.

Become a Gosmilo dealer:

  • If you are interested, please apply to become a Certified Gosmilo Dealer. 

About Gosmilo repairs

  • Please contact our online customer service.
  • Please contact our online customer service.
  • Please contact our online customer service.
  • Please contact our online customer service.
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